Welcome to our online store Radical kiteboards.

Before you decide to buy something in our store please read carefully our Terms and Conditions, because they are equally committed to us as are to you and form the basis of good cooperation – which we all want.

Once you pass the registration or get in a second step of order process, we can understand that you agree with them. Conditions are part of a contract, which is a foundation for, and is agreed between user and shop, Contract apply immediately as user and enter into trade as soon as you have registered or enter in to the second step of order process.

If you do not agree with it, please do not use our sites.


Some basic information about the online store:

Opening hours of our online store is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Web address:


Information, complaints and assist in purchasing:



A lot of pleasure in shopping and in particular the use of our products!


  1. General

Conditions of Online stores have been prepared in accordance with international codes for ecommerce and the laws of Slovenia, which is determined by trading activity (Code of Obligations – OZ-1, Law of Obligations – Obligation Law, Consumer Protection Act – ZVPot, Consumer Protection Act before unfair commercial practices – ZVPNPP Act and the prescribed rate of interest on arrears – ZPOMZO-1).

All prices are in EUR and include VAT (Value Added Tax) and are valid on the date of the contract.

Offer which is published in the web shop is to offer or cancellation of publication or to sell stocks.

Web store has the right to change the terms of use by updating this posting. Such changes to the user requirements are binding.


  1. Access to information

Online store is under the law of the RS is committed to customer always provide the following:

  1. a) corporate identity (name and place of business, register number)
  2. b) essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales service and guarantees)
  3. c) all prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and clear disclosure must be made or already include taxes and transport costs
  4. d) availability of products (each product or service that is offered in the website should be available in reasonable time)
  5. e) terms of product delivery or execution of services (mode, place and date of delivery)
  6. f) method of payment and delivery
  7. g) validity time of offer
  8. h) contact addresses, enabling fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone)
  9. i) the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for withdrawal, also about costs for return of products.
  10. j) must be clarified process of the appeal, including all information of a contact person or department for contacts with customers.


  1. Safety

Our online store is using for all personal data transfers SSL technology, which take care to encrypt all information sent with orders. SSL tehnology is support by browsers Microsoft IE 5.01+, Netscape Communicator 4.51+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla Suite 1.0+, AOL 5+, Opera 7+ and Apple Safari 1.0+.

That you are on the SSL channel is shown in the browser.

Information on the credit card that you enter in case of such payment method is transferred in encrypted form from your computer directly into banks authorization server.


  1. Privacy

With execution of registration user allows the collection and use of personal data which have been entered upon registration. The information you provide on the Web sites of trade are collected solely for internal purposes and the purpose of the payment. All information provided in the registration is intended solely for business Web commerce and it shall not provide for any other purpose or any third party. Web store permanently keep the registration data entered and any changes subsequently made by the user himself, in a suitably protected and secured system.

Store may contact the users by any means of communication at a distance only if a user does not explicitly object. Commercial electronic messages must contain the following elements:

  1. Clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements
  2. It should be clear who the sender is
  3. User desire not to receive promotional messages, must be respected


  1. Offer

The offer is presented in the catalog, showing basic information about the products, models are added as a notice of appearance of the product. Colors and appearance of products may vary from those of products. Seller visibly mark the validity of the catalog. Marked price the seller at this time does not change. The seller has the customer at the latest after receiving the order to notify a defect in the catalog. Online Store reserves the right to defects in the product description and price which are incurred in entering data. The buyer can view offer and advertising address of online store.


  1. Warranty

Goods is guaranteed, if so specified in the warranty card or invoice. Goods still have warranty, if it is so determined by the rules. The warranty can be promoted with a warranty certificate and by submitting copies of your invoice and following the instructions of the guarantor (seller / manufacturer). The user may invoke the warranty for the goods only during the warranty period stated on the warranty or invoice. The warranty expires in particular in the following cases:

  • failure due to improper or inappropriate use, mechanical injury, negligent treatment or majeure force
  • interference by third parties or unauthorized persons or in case of any other changes to the product
  • use in conjunction with other products, for which the manufacturer does not explicitly provide for joint use, or the addition of other non-original products
  • in other cases where expressly provided by the donor warranty

In order to invoke the guarantee and servicing the product, the user can refer to the manufacturer’s representative, General importer or authorized service technician. Details of this are the warranty card or the invoice, in addition, the user can take note of the latest data on agents, importers and authorized service facility also to contact the online store.


 Our warranty policy is streamlined and straightforward. We will respond to you as quickly as possible (usually within 1-2 business days) and will do our best to get you taken care of in a fair and timely manner.

Please be aware, the more information (including pictures) you provide, the easier it will be for us to process your claim and get you back on the water.

General Warranty Policy:

Radical kiteboards  offers a one-year warranty to the original purchaser on products purchased through authorized  dealers. The warranty period begins at point of purchase (receipt required), and covers all manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects are determined at Radicals discretion. If a problem is deemed a valid warranty claim,Radical  will decide whether to repair or replace the product.

  1. Manners of payment

In our Online store you have many different options how would you like to pay your order, you can choose among next manners:

  • Pay in person – with cash
  • Paypal
  • Prepayment

Pay in person – with cash

In case you have choose this option, you will have to pay your order in person with cash.


We will create for you special bill with all necessary data, so that you can prepay your order. This bill will be sent to your e-mail.

The seller is not obligate to deliver goods if the buyer fails to pay his order. If the buyer is late with a payment, he will have to pay cost of admonitions and also legitimate interests, which cannot pass heights of default interests.


  1. Procedure of a buying process

Before purchase every natural person have to sign up in our Online store with valid e-mail and chosen password, then you will have to wait for our confirmation and when you will get it you will be able to buy goods in our store.

In case that you want more information concerning your order, appeal to referential number of your order that you will find in a received confirmation about your purchase.

In a case of instant checkout you cannot view your purchase status.


     9. Conclusion of the contract and archiving

Contract is concluded with order confirmation, which means, when you received our e-mail order confirmation in your e-mail address.

All concluded contracts will be stored in our online store and you have a right at any moment to view your contract or that we forward you your contract on permanent holder data.


    10. The right to withdraw from the purchase

Before confirm your order please check your data again. In case that everything is right finish your order with click on ” next step ” in 3 step in order.

You can cancel your order before the product is sent. You can view your history of orders in section ” my purchases ”. Choose the order which you would like to cancel and sent us an e-mail about withdraw with reference number of the contract.

If your order was successfully cancelled you will received an e-mail and this will also be shown in your section ‘’ my purchases ‘’.


    11. Delivery

All orders will be sent no later than in 5 working days. Time for transfer and delivery is about 5 days (sent day + 5 days) this time can be extended when delivery  address is not on mainland. If the addressee is not available at the time of delivery he can take his order personally at the supplier for 8 (eight) calendar days. After this time the order will be sent back to sender.  "applies to Slovenia or CZ".

Product cannot be order at ” mail landscape ” address, this applies for delivery outside the territory of Republic Slovenia. For delivery outside of Slovenia we will send the package with secured carrier like GLS or DPD..

We will try that buyer will get his order in shortest possible time. After your order, you will get an e-mail order confirmation with list of ordered goods. In confirmation you will also find phone number and e-mail address on which you can call or write if you have any question about your order. This document will also have order number which is important if we want to help you.

Delivery costs

After transmitting your order two prices are making price of delivery: product price and sending cost, no matter on weight, quantity or value of your order, doesn’t exceed the amount of 10 EUR (including VAT). Written above applies to Slovenia.

The exact amount of postage value is written in your bill before confirming your order.


     12. Reclamations and returns

In our online store you can shopping without risk. In accordance of costumer protection act (ZVPot) you may notify the company in 15 days from takeover that you will return your product. In a case that you will sent us written message about returning your product is important that the shipment is sent on time ( in 15 days ). In 30 days from notify us you can sent your product back in our online store.

You don’t need to tell us why are you returning your order, but you are welcome to explain us why the product for you was not adequate.

Please return your product in original packaging and together with bill. You cannot return your product without original packaging and if the product was damaged.

In certain cases which determinate law (ZVPot) you cannot return your product or withdraw from the contract.

Form more detailed informations about returning procedure please call our phone number which is state in our introduction, so that we can arrange about replacement.

Your money will be return to you most lately in 30 days in your bank account, so please write your bank account, so that we can return your money back.

     13. Obligation of responsibility

We try our best to ensure you up-to-date and correct informations which are published in our online store. In spite of this the properties of products, time of delivery or even price of products can be change so quickly so that we cannot correct the information at time. In cases like this we will inform our costumer about changes and we will offer him different product or costumer will be able to abjure from contract. We are trying to provide precise products photos, but remember all photos are symbolic and don’t guarantee any product properties.


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